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Things I wish I knew when I started with Unreal Engine

Things I wish I knew when I started with Unreal Engine The road to learning Unreal Engine is often a massively enjoyable one. The whole engine is very much geared towards being user friendly and in many ways intuitive, with … Read More

The Game of the Year we never knew we wanted

If you wanted to get laughed out of a games production pitch two years ago, all you had to say was something like this… “I think we should create a split-screen multiplayer game, not based on an existing IP, where … Read More

2021 Projects

A quick overview of some key projects over the past year – from RTS and turn-based setups to advanced AI and inventory systems.

Christmas Project!

Made a fun little Christmas project over the holidays. Its a complete game made for children 5-12 years old – If you want to play the game just let me know and i’ll send it to you for free!

I have a dream! GoGo Game Dev!

Back in 2001 I was 14 years old with bleach blonde hair and I had a dream. I was going to design computer games. I was in love with Zelda and computers, so I downloaded the best program at the … Read More