Mature 2D Action Platformer

They are coming for your blood...

Seven sisters, born of one blood, rule the Vampiric race.

Each commands a house of followers. Three centuries ago one of the sisters was captured by humans and her coven was decimated – they poisoned her and it affected her followers like a virus – the humans found the weakness.

The other siblings went into hiding, heeding a prophecy that said they should wait until the blood moon rises, then they should overthrow the humans.

“A sister taken in the night, hidden from sight until the coming of the blood moon; when sacred power fuels the blood of the family; and humans flee in terror as they destruction reigns down upon the world. One night to decide the course of eternity, one sister to rule them all at long last, into a thousand years of purity.”

Tonight, as the Blood Moon rises, the prophecy comes to pass…  

Note: This game is configured to use a controller. UnZip and click the icon. 

One Comment

  1. Luan Prates

    Hey man
    Your game is trully awesome, hope you keep up doing more!
    Take care!!

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